IR Receiver not detecting IR from cctv Infrared illuminators

I am using a vs1838b infrared receiver, IRremote simplesample, all the remotes that I found around the house work without problems and show up on the serial output..

My goal is to detect the IR emitted by cctv illuminators, but it does not seem to trigger..

I am using an arduino mega 2560 r3

My wiring is simple:
5v > 100ohm resistor > vcc
Gnd > Gnd
Pin12 > Signal

Also have a buzzer on pin 9 to sound when IR detected (which works fine with remotes).

Is it a problem with the sensor, it can not "see" this light or can it be fixed on the software side, any ideas what I am missing?

Thanks in advance..

You may have an answer when you compare the sensor response curve/IR wavelength to the emission wavelength of the cctv illuminators.

... because your IR receiver is tuned to 38kHz. The CCTV illumination is not modulated at 38kHz.

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Is there a way to make this receiver work? or do I need another receiver, if so can you suggest one that will work for this purpose?

A simple photodiode circuit will detect IR. Google "photodiode detector circuit". There are many, the choice will depend on your application.

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