IR receiving problem

i use an ir receiver with an arduino uno board and a tv remote and all is ok with all examples in the library but my project is bit different all i want that when i hold the button the led is on when i release it must be off i know that every button hv a different frequency and when i hold it emit repeat frequency thats same in all buttons but i search a way to can avoid this problem


Most remotes will send a repeat code if you continually press a button.
When the repeat code comes in start one shot timer in code that is s greater than the repeat frequency.
When you let the button go, the one shot will time out.

Your post wasnt fully clear to me....but visit this site http:// and you will find a very good introduction to how IR remote control works at a signal level.

If you need help with your software, then it is usually a good idea to post it.

FYI: Buttons usually don't have different frequencies, but different coded numbers transmitted via IR at the same moodulated frequency. Unless you are talking about universal remotes that can handle multiple devices like TV,DVD,SAT etc. In this case it is likely that the different devices may have different modulation frequencies. Usually all the buttons for the same device have the same modulation frequency.

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i search a way to get use from repeat frequency in my project. I do a car move in 4 different directions all what i need to when hold the button the car move when i releas it will stop.

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