IR Relay taser

Got your attention? This is a (far out there question) that I am not sure is feasible.

A while ago I was messing with an IR receiver CHQ1838 and a basic RGB LED IR remote and a 3 pin relay without a microcontroller, I would use the IR receivers output to the input of my relay and the relay would quickly flicker on and off........

I understand that you can use a microcontroller to program it so that when it receives the correct IR code you can activate a relay, led, etc.

When I tried it without an MCU on a relay(the 3 pin type with VCC GND SIGNAL), i would also power the IR receiver with the output going in to the input of the relays signal and the relay would flicker on/ off very quickly. My question is could I attach some high voltage lipo batteries in the (com) port of the relay and attach some other "component" else in series that can maybe ARC the electricity turning it into a (taser-like) device. :)I really don't know if that would work, but if it does sound feasible, what electrical component could create a taser-like effect where it delivers a large current for a short period of time? So if an intruder came in my house I could have the batteries and receiver/ taser circuit mounted on my door and use my IR remote and just repeatedly spam on the buttons and zap them?

A "taser" produces a high voltage and a very low current.

The spark it generates would span no more than about 1 cm.