IR remot control code

I lost my remote control
Can i create an arduino remote control for this(please look at the picture), how can i get IR code i have not the remote control ?

Not having the remote makes it hard to know what IR signalling scheme is being used. I don't know how easy or if even its possible to get that from the reciever - see the reciever chip that is being used...that might give you some clue. Another point is to know the address part of the packet sent upon pressing a button - that's how the reciever knows that the IR signal is meant for it. In some receiver chips the address is set with its pins hard-wired to Vcc/Gnd. If you know these two (scheme and address), you can then program different button codes to figure out which all the reciever responds to and then use those.

In all it might be simpler to just buy a replacement remote...

Looking at the photo is that a mobile/camera positioning device that rotates the device in steps? If so you can find many arduino projects that use stepper motor to achieve will need an arduino board for the transmitter and one for the receiver that controls the motor and perhaps external IR transmitter/receiver modules as well.

Try to contact the place where you purchased it or the manufacturer, you may be able to purchase a replacement.

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