IR Remote coding trouble!!!!

Hey everyone, So im having a bit of an issue... i have my arduino uno set up to some relays and an IR Remote controlling them. The set up i have currently is if i hit a certain number on my IR Remote a series of the relays with turn on and off respectively. My issues is that this only limits me to about 9 different set of series. What i ultimately like to do is have the IR remote send out more than just single "digit" for example if i hit numbers 2 and 3 then enter i would like a certain set of relays react.

I hope this makes sense and someone is able to help me. Thanks let me know if you have any questions

use a charachter buffer. keypress adds a char to the buffer. Select a predef. key to do the 'enter' .

Now do task depending of contents of your buffer. (and then clear buffer).

U can of course also build an integer like: NUM=NUM*10+digit to get a number well suited for 'switch'.