IR Remote Control signal weak

hello, im using IR remote library to send ir signals to my tv, the signal is to weak, i check with my phone camera and its not even a half as bright as it should be, how do i know this? because if i just turn any pin HIGH and connect the IR led it shine alot more than when im using the library. How can I correct this?

Many thanks. Gaspar.

I hope you did use a current limiting resistor between the output pin and the IR LED. What is the value of that resistor. 100ohm would be the absolute minimum.

Two IR LEDs can be connected in series to increase range.

An Arduino output pin can't deliver the current that most IR LEDs are capable of. If you want to push the limit of IR LEDs, you need an external transistor to drive them. Leo..

Maybe try more current through the led using a transistor driver.

Since IR leds for remote controlling are on for such brief periods, they can handle more power. And they need power to be brighter, and brighter means more distance, of course.