IR remote control with arduino

Hi all; I am trying to make a program with Arduino using the IrRemote libray, to send ir signal to TV. The IR signal sent by the normal TV's remote and decoded by the exemple which came with in the library, is a séries of alternated positive and negave values whereas, in the output signal there were only positive values as thé array containing those values is déclarés as unsigned integer. By the way, i am using the irsend.sendRaw function. And the redulting remote is simply not functional. Thé question is: how Can we use those négative values in an unsigned int array?

You don't need all those numbers just the hex value(IR code), usually six hexadecimal digits and 32 bits. Sony being the most unsusual and difficult to setup. The guy in this video explains everything quite well if you ignore his lisp. Also you might gain something from this thread.

The array of numbers you see is not really negative and positive numbers: It is a sequence of on- and off durations in micro seconds, per convention the on-periods are denoted by a + character, the off-periods by a - character. They are all positive numbers, and should be entered into an array of unsigned.

The IRremote has a number of problems, and is no longer maintained -- effectively. Feel free to try my library instead, "Infrared" in the Arduino library manager.