ir remote control

i want to make ir remote control to control domestic equipments. im using tv remote can any one send me the schematic and program for remote control

This is probably the best place to start.

Mr Google is your friend.. Answers come here much faster to those that took the time to begin searching, and asking questions about the answers found in the search, Not asking others to search for you... or write code for you What you want is available as a sketch (sketches, I think), I've seen it... There or somewhere.
There are More Arduino groups, webpages and Sig's (Special interest groups) then you have the time to count... Cataloging them all would be a large piece of work.
Mr Google also searches the Forum too. Which might save you another search.
Have you taken the time to search the Playground... They'res a lot of IR stuff there... Too.


The examples for the IRremote library would be a good place to look.

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Look at:

Get an IR receiver (cheap!) and use the IRrecvDemo sketch to see what codes your remote sends...

Maybe get one of these kits: IR Infrared Remote Control

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