IR Remote Controlled Arduino (5V), Controlling an RF Remote Control Board (12V)

So guys,

been facing this problem for quite some time now, and I bought 2 full kits of Arduino just trying to fix this!

I have a universal IR remote that I want to be able to control also my RF controlled projection screen.

after googling EVERYWHERE, Arduino was the solution, and I was able to add an IR receiver to it and capture the signal of the IR universal remote, but how to control the RF is whats killing me.

the RF remote works on a 12V battery and has 3 buttons (2 main one that I want to control; UP DOWN) and these buttons are the same as the Arduino uses.

How to do so?

what is the Code?

please help if possible…

That picture appear to be a picture of the receiver, not a picture of the internals of the transmitter.

If one side of each button in the remote control is connected to the negative side of the battery you can use an NPN transistor to control the button. Use a multimeter or trace the circuit to find out.

Thank you, I shall check that!

I'm getting some RF transmitter and receivers so I could sniff the channels used and maybe mount the following:

IR receiver connected to RF transmitter that has the actual RF signals used...

Any idea where to find the TWO codes together?

I found for IR and RF separately, I'm sure I'll be able to combine them... But if someone has a link for a code already written, it will be way easier

Thank you again