IR remote controls my keyboard buttons?

So I was looking for a way to remotely press certain buttons on my keyboard with a IR remote, and everyone seems to use Arduino micros, and I only have Arduino Uno and Nano. Basically if I press a button on a little IR remote that came with a set I got, the Arduino would change the signal to a keyboard output from USB. Could someone build the code for me or find code cause I’m stuck and really want this for roleplaying purposes?

Hi and welcome.

There's a reason why people use an Arduino Micro and not an Uno or Nano.
Unos and Nanos do not have USB functionality.
To program those, your computer connects to a USB / serial adapter on board or through an external PCB.
The adapter isn't able to let the PC know it's a keyboard, so it is and always will be a serial port.
Through that serial port you will be able to reach the Arduino, program it or communicate with it in another way.
But it will never be a keyboard, unless you are able to convince your OS you have a serial keyboard (by writing a driver for your OS).

An Arduino Micro (or the Leonardo) has a different controller on board, an ATmega32U4 which has it's own internal USB solution.
So this board doesn't need an on board adapter because it already has that on the chip.
You can make the chip identify itself as a mouse or a keyboard and have it send keyboard data.

So, you may be able to do what you have set your mind to, but it is quite a challenge to get that done (write a WHQL accepted driver), and you'd be much better off trying to get your hands on an Arduino Micro or even smaller clone-like boards (click !) with that controller on board.

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