ir remote help

I am playing about with a ir receiver I am getting An individual value sent to my serial monitor for each button with the code I have. but I don’t know how to make it do anything
Eg. Then I press “1” I get 8B73AC5 and if I press “2” I get 8b77887
What I want to do is…. when I press 1 pin 1 go high when… I press 2 pin 2 go high
…….. can any one give me any idea how to do this

I would be very great full of any help offered

thank you

Use the if statement to do what ever you want when the right number comes along.

If you are getting different values for each button, and the same value every time you push the same button, doing something when that value is received is trivial.

Knowing what kind of value 8B73AC5 is, though, is essential to help you progress. So, post your code.

its only trivial if you know how to do it

I don't see how that code receives any IR remote control. Perhaps you could show some output when you press the buttons.

Then I press “1” I get 8B73AC5 and....... if I press “2” I get 8B77887


 * IRremote: IRrecvDemo - demonstrates receiving
 * IR codes with IRrecv
 * An IR detector/demodulator must be connected
 * to the input RECV_PIN.
 * Version 0.1 July, 2009
 * Copyright 2009 Ken Shirriff

#include <IRremote.h>

int RECV_PIN = 14;//SEE NOTE in Sheepdogguides text
//Must be set to the Arduino pin your sensor is on.

IRrecv irrecv(RECV_PIN);

decode_results results;

void setup()
  irrecv.enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver

void loop() {
  if (irrecv.decode(&results)) {
    Serial.println(results.value, HEX);
    irrecv.resume(); // Receive the next value
if(results.value == 0x8B73AC5UL) { 
// do stuff here

thanks thas what i am looking for its easy when you know how