IR remote library error: uint8_t does not name a type.

I got this when trying to verify my code that uses the IR library and it gives me a compiling error, in the IRremoteInt.h file, line 128,129,130, and 133. would it be a change in arduino 1.0.1 where the type it used has been changed in the new version?
this is the area where it gets the error in the code.

// information for the interrupt handler
typedef struct {
  uint8_t recvpin;           // pin for IR data from detector
  uint8_t rcvstate;          // state machine
  uint8_t blinkflag;         // TRUE to enable blinking of pin 13 on IR processing
  unsigned int timer;     // state timer, counts 50uS ticks.
  unsigned int rawbuf[RAWBUF]; // raw data
  uint8_t rawlen;         // counter of entries in rawbuf

Did you change the include of Wprogram.h to Arduino.h?

"Note for Arduino 1.0
I haven’t had time to update the library yet, but several helpful people have told me that to use the library with Arduino 1.0, you need to change
#include <WProgram.h>
#include <Arduino.h>
in IRRemoteInt.h.

that worked, thanks a lot, I could have sworn I had compiled the code with 1.0 before but I guess I didnt or it could have been because I reinstalled the teensyduino and all the libraries, oh well.

In most cases of using a version 022 library in 1.0 the very first error you would get would indicate that Wprogram.h was not found. Did you not get that error?

ALWAYS fix the first error and re-compile. Many times all the other errors cascaded from the first. :)

I am having the same problem, after renaming did not worked how to solve? I am using arduino uno r3 thanks

Ohh really thanks after changing it from this location Documents\Arduino\libraries\IRremote it worked for me thank you very much. :slight_smile: