IR Remote Library - How To Extend it

I would kindly request for your help in order to extend the IRremote Arduino Library to include more remotes.

I have the following project running @home:
storage room and the living room are connected via Ethernet cables
I have 3 devices installed on the storage room:

  • Set Top Box 1 (NEC IR)
  • Set Top Box 2 (Unknown IR) - custom made pace 830DS model for provider
  • Amplifier - Denon AVR X4000 (Unknown IR)

I want to control them from the living room, so I built 4x Arduino UNO rev3 with ethernet shield v2:

  • Arduino with IR Receiver for living room
  • Arduino with IR Transmitter for Set Top Box 1 (NEC IR)
  • Arduino with IR Transmitter for Set Top Box 2 (Unknown IR)
  • Arduino with IR Transmitter for Amplifier (Unknown IR)
  • Attached is the code for IR receiver and IR transmitter.

When you send an IR signal on the IR receiver, it is dispatched over UDP to all the IR transmitters.
The limitation of my solution is that devices sharing the same IR code, will respond on the IR code.

The problem that I am facing (and need your aid) is that I cannot make the IR transmitters with Unknown IR to work.
I need to extend IRremote library, by changing ir_Template.cpp of IRremote library
I have recorded all marks & dashes (for the remote of Set Top Box 2), using
Attached is a pdf file providing the recordings for Set Top Box 2.
You may find the IR list of codes for Denon on:
Denon IR Codes
What are the values that I need to supply set to:

  • define BITS
  • define HDR_MARK
  • define HDR_SPACE
  • define BIT_MARK
  • define ONE_SPACE
  • define ZERO_SPACE

In order to implement the Set Top Box ?

Thank you in advance for your help !!!

IR_Receiver_Eth_Transmitter.ino (4.6 KB)

IR_Transmitter_Eth_Receiver.ino (3.74 KB)

Arduino_IR_Codes.pdf (349 KB)