IR remote - send unknown protocol

I hope this is the right place for that topic. I have a question. I tried using the IR remote library and tried IR receive sketch. When I press the button, a hex code and raw data is printed. Some buttons have a protocol, like this one: Received RC5 80C
But with some buttons, the library doesn't recognize a protocol - Received Unknown 8EFEFB and then it prints an array of raw data. When sending these codes, one must specify a protocol and then a code (e.g. RC5,80C). But, if you want to send a raw code (no protocol found), you have to give the library an array of raw values. So - here's my question: Is it possible to send a code with no protocol (hex code, e.g. 8EFEFB as before) - why do you have to give function the array with raw data. If the library converted the raw data to a much shorter hex code, why can't you do opposite (give a function the short code, e.g. 8efefb, and send that code)? It has to work with some protocol even if it says unknown protocol, because it converted that raw data to a short hex code. Any ideas?

I think the best you can do is:

  1. figure out the protocol your RC uses. Press the buttons, write down the results, look for patterns, allowing you to reproduce this.
  2. start hacking the library, and add your protocol.
  3. (optional, but highly appreciated) submit your changes to the library maintainer!