IR Remote to other devices


I have an device which has push buttons. The buttons are SMD types. I have used arduino to control the devices by connected the device push buttons to arudino. But, when i connect 4 buttons, only one button works all the time. If i need to activiate the other buttons, other 3 connections has to disconnect.

Can any one help me to build the remote control for my existing device.

You are going to have to give us a lot more info.

Start with posting your code using code tags. Add a drawing of how it is all wired up. Add photos of how it actually is. Add a description of how you expect it to work.

Then, maybe, we can help you.

Schematic of how you wired your buttons would also be helpful. It sounds like a wiring error.


I have found the issue. Issue is the output current from pin. The device is required 60+ mah. I haved fixed and started working.