IR Remote to perform multiple function with one button

Hi my name is Denis...I need help with writing a code for my audrino project...
I am trying to help my friend who is in a nursing home to improve quality of life...
I am building him a IR remote that will have one button to perform 3 to 4 functions.
At present in order for him to watch DVD he needs to select correct input on the
TV before he can watch a DVD. His problem is that he can't navigate his TV remote to
get to HDMI2 for example. I would like to setup one single button on an audrino that
will transmit IR signal in timed sequence and navigate to desired input on TV.
I managed to work out how to capture IR signal in HEX value from his remote...
now I need help to program these IR HEX values to be transmitted in sequence to navigate to desired input using one function...?

Hi Denis,

Sounds like a great project. If you download the IR library into the IDE, it comes with many examples. It sounds like you just need to send a series of "button presses" when a single button is pressed. You can also look in the IDE at File->examples->>StateChangeDetection to see how to know when a button gets pressed.

Give it a try, post your attempt (read the sticky post at the top of the forum about how to do that properly, including any error message)

OR..... If you go over to gigs and collaborations, you can pay someone to write the code for you.

Thanks for this I will give it a go... if all fails I might get someone to write the code for me...

As well as capturing the remote button presses it can sometimes be worth writing a program to transmit all the IR codes in the range your TV uses and note what they do.

My old Samsung TV had individual IR codes to select HDMI inputs so made doing what your looking for easy but when I upgraded to a Sony TV the only way to select different HDMI inputs is to use the menu system and that makes life more complex. Instead of a single IR command needed for the Samsung TV the Sony needs several (HDMI1 needs Source, Up, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Left, Select) as the TV pulls up a list when Source button is pressed you need to navigate to a known point (hence all the right button presses to get to end of list) before stepping back to the source you need (left button presses). This does not always work as expected because the list is populated only with active sources so if I try to navigate to Satellite and it's not turned on I end up at a different source.

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