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Hello I'm new to Coding in Arduino, I Have a question about using IR remote Library's and how to include them in my "sketch"

If I Downloaded a Library for IR remotes, how do I have my code respond to the input of codes being sent by the remote that I want decoded by the library. How do I even know the final values its decoding to Include to my code to respond to?

Is a library even recommended for this situation?
If not !!Help me understand what to do!!

Also, Should I use the Bluetooth instead if so Same situation...

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In most cases you would connect an IR receiver to your Arduino and use one of the example sketches (like ReceiveDump) to display each received code on Serial Monitor. You can then use that data, copied from Serial Monitor to your sketch, to recognize the same code again or to send the code. This only works if you have a working remote for the device you want to control.

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serial monitor...How do I get to this? Is it on the Arduino Ide?

In the IDE select Tools -> Serial Monitor

Then what's the point of the libraries? Also Do I do the same if I want to control the Bot with let's say a Bluetooth Xbox Controller?

I'd guess that someone already decoded the protocol of the XBox controller and you can find the information with a Google search. The problem with IR remotes is that there are HUNDREDS of protocols and THOUSANDS of button codes. You might get lucky and find the data by searching .

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They make life easy :wink: Those are the steps

  1. You use the library to read the IR codes that are received.
  2. You send them to the Serial Monitor so you can see which codes are associated with a certain button.
  3. You write code that reacts on the hex codes.

Similar; but you don't need a library. You first determine what you receive from the BlueTooth when you do certain things. Next you code around it for your application.

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