IR Remote with Morse code

Hello, so i want to make something that when i click a button on the IR Remote, it will give me a dash or a got and then put those dashes and dots on the serial monitor, and then click another button to say that the word is finished and then it will write the word in english after i finish writing it in morse

Which IR remote? Do you already have a particular one in mind?

Do you have the IR receiver already hooked up to your Arduino? Which one?

Which Arduino?

I don't know the name specifically, it was a kit I bought with the Arduino mega 2560, it just says Infrared Receiver. I have it all hooked up, all I need is some of the code or to understand how to do the code.

I already have all the HEX values for all the buttons on the remote.

But now I want to get the 0 and use that as dot and the 1 has a dash and input that to the serial monitor and then click the power button to say that I am finished

for example, I will click 001 Power button

the serial monitor would say ..- and then the letter 'A'

I don't know if that makes sense lol

That may be the slowest morse code method I have seen.
Also Morse code for A is simply DOT DASH and not 001 (dot dot dash)

There are quite a few morse Arduino sketches around which would modify quite quickly to IR as most already use an LED which you could simply replace with the IR LED.

One such example HERE

Let google be your friend and simply search for "arduino morse code"