IR send and receive problem


I try to make my own customize remote with an arduino uno Rev 3. I use a Samsung remote so send IR-data to the arduino and it should send the correct IR-codes to my Telefunken TV.

I can receive and send the IR-codes separately but when i combine the codes than it it doesnt work . The IR-transmitter doesn´t send any data and sometimes the receiver doesn´t work either.

I think there are any problems with the functions from the IRremote libary I use, when i use send and receive together.

Additionally in these projekt there is a lcd, a rgb led and a dht11 but this part of the code works fine.

Hopefully someone can find the mistake i made while using the functions from the IRremote libary.

Thanks a lot

SmartTvZusatzUno.ino (11.3 KB)


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Which protocol does your remote control use?

I am not sure about the protocol of the Samsung remote I want to use (probably samsung). In my code I use the rawData from the receiver and it works very well.
The TV I want to control uses the protocol RC5.
Sending and receiver works separatley, that is why I suspect the problem is the use of the receiver and sender in the same code. IR-Code, protocol and hardware are correct, otherwise it would not work stand alone.

Right, you may have a feedback from the sender signal to the receiver code. Can you definitely disable the receiver while sending?

Perhaps that is the problem. I tried to disable the receiver while sending with "IrReceiver.stop();", after sending I use "IrReceiver.start();" and "IrReceiver.resume();" to restart the receiver and continue the signal capture.

I read that there might be a problem with the used internal timer in this libary, when using send and receive. But I am not sure about it and I dont know how to configure the timer right.

Right, a timer is required for both emitter and receiver, for different purpose. Are there multiple ISR for the same timer interrupt in your code?

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