IR Sensor and continuous 38kHz signal... not working

Hello... I created a very simple set-up but for some reason I can't get it to work.

I have an IR LED that outputs a continuos 38kHz signal (LED is on and pulsates at 38kHz). I then have a normal LED hooked up to an IR sensor. Since the sensor receives a continuos 38kHz signal, I would expect this LED to be on continuously. Unfortunately this is not the case. For some reason it only turns on (flashes) when the sensor receives a "intermitted" 38kHz signal, as when for example a remote control code is transmitted.

My questions: What might be the issue here, and how can I get the LED to light up continuously in the presence of a continuos 38kHz signal?

Some IR receivers are designed for continuous duty but most are designed for the pulsing signal of regular IR Remote signals.

Title: Re: continuous ~36kHz IR demodulator receiver Post by: montyp on September 11, 2011, 06:46:35 AM i found 2 sensors that can detect continuous IR signals. they have fixed gain. hope someone would find this useful.

TSOP4038 TSOP5803

Thanks so much for the info… Ordered those :slight_smile: