IR Sensor for a Cabela's TOP SHOT ELITE xbox360 controller

So as the title suggest, I need a sensor that can read the infrared light that the Cabela's TOP SHOT ELITE GUN (xbox360 version) produces ( I got the controller to hook up to the computer, but I need a sensor to detect where the gun is pointing at. Any ideas on how I would go about this?

P.S. - I know the controller comes with a sensor that does this, but I don't know how it even sends a message because it has no wireless features.


Umm is there any documentation that came with the gun specifying what frequency the IR it outputs is? There are a lot of IR recievers out there, you can find some at Radioshack for example and on sparkfun, but they only pickup within a certain range.
Are you trying to make your own lasertag setup or something? (actually that sounds like a mad dope idea, has anyone here ever tried that).

my bro threw the manual away :confused: Is there something I can make to find the frequency?

I know this is an old post. id just like to mention that the TOPSHOT ELITE at least the xbox 360 version emitts no IR signals. if anything it picks up the IR lights inside the sensor bar and uses that as a way to calibrate its location. i am working on using this on my pc. the reason i know it emits no ir light is because it would be visable on a camera and it never creates lite through a camera even when pushing a trigger and ect. so i think you need any infrared light as a sensor. try just a wii sensor or candle or anything of the tipe like they use for wiimotes and it should be fine.