IR sensor for arduino


I want to make stairs like this: can anyone tell me what IR sensor I should use? I need about 1 meter distance. I found in ebay but distance is to short or can anyone show schematic for IR sensor to do for my self.

You want a beam-break detector, one at the bottom and one at the top. Basically an IR transmitter one side and receiver the other.

You want something like this kit but with a logic output and no buzzer:

You can use a laser and a photo cell, it will cost you less

I completed this project. To avoid false triggering, I pulsed the transmitter at 38kHz since the receiver is designed to ‘see’ that frequency. For the IR receiver I used this. For the transmitter I used this. The emitter is driven through a transistor who’s 38kHz base signal is derived from a 555 timer. I had problems with getting an accurate frequency with the 555; it was very fussy about the external timing capacitor used. I was able to get a stable frequency using a high precision, low value capacitor. If I were to do it again I would use an Attiny85. No external components (except for decoupling) are needed, very stable, and it costs only about $.40 more than a 555. You would need to learn how to load code to it but that’s no big deal. - Scotty

TSSP4038 (or 58038) is the part you wanted. It doesn't require intermittent pauses in the beam.