IR Sensor frequency

I have an IR Receiver that came with a kit I bought from parallax. It’s everything that comes in the BoeBot kit, minus the BASIC Stamp. For my class, we used the Arduino instead. The only problem is, the IR receiver that sent me (and all of my class mates) isn’t the one that they have listed online. The one listed is black and operates at 38kHz. The one I have is a silver box, and I have know idea who sells it, the product number, or anything. I googled the number on the back of it, but nothing came up. Is there any type of program I could run to determine the frequency that this sensor operates on?

Chances are good it's either 38 kHz or 40 kHz.

You can just try it. Hook it up to power and ground, wire a 10k resistor from power to the output, and look at the output with an oscilloscope. Shoot an IR remote at it and see if you get oscillation on the oscilloscope.

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Ok cool. Thank you.