IR Sensor not recieving data properly and has delay

Hello all, I'm a complete noob, and I'm trying to control a simple LED light with an IR Remote, so I decided at first to try and just use the IRrecvDemo and see what happens I have everything hooked up correctly I'm using pin 11, what happens is that I press on my remote a basic mp3 remote that came with my kit, I keep pressing and nothing happens for a while then a message appears on the serial monitor and then some other messages at random times it seems as if its lagging or not receiving at all but generating random signals, I'm using the IR 1838 Sensor or reciever, any suggestions or ideas of why this is happening i really don't understand, I was excited over turning that LED on and off.... Thanks

Try the IRrecvDump example. That will tell you if the remote is recognized by the IR library and if so, which type it is. Not all remotes are compatible.

thanks for the reply, i will try that :)