IR sensor problem with some loads

I am using NodeMCU(ESP8266) to control 4 relays(5v), with IR sensor TSOP1738(also tried different IR sensors), powered by Hi-Link HLK5M05. When no load is connected to the relays, my system works very fine, but when I connect Lights and switch it on using IR remote the light gets ON and my system stops working. Also when I connect the NodeMCU to my laptop using cable, it starts working with same loads. I think the issue is with power supply (Hi-Link), not getting proper Grounding. Please helme out in this...

Post a schematic. We can't help with a circuit that we can't see.

I'm guessing that the Hi-Link is powered from the same source as the load across the relays. When you draw the schematic, ensure that is clearly shown and state exactly what load you are putting across the relays.

I believe some issue with the load you are using. Please describe more about about your project or setup and image will help to understand it great.

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