IR sensor questions!

Hi, I recently bought an IR sensor along with a remote. I hooked the IR sensor up and loaded an example sketch that prints out the buttons on the serial monitor. The arduino does print something, but they are completeley random and even when I'm pressing nothing the arduino just spits out values. and also it stops for a few minutes and then starts spitting out values again. I bought another IR sensor, but unfortunately same results.

Any solutions? BTW I tried it with this code.

That code usually works and with dozens of examples over the past year or so I have never seen the symptoms you are seeing.


  • Remove wiring and reconnect
  • Switch receiver and code to another pin, like 12
  • Shield the receiver with you hand and point the remote straight down. Any better?

I have heard that SOME computer monitors put out IR. ??

Let us know what you find out…

I tried all of it. No luck.