IR Sensor / Repeater

Hi Guys,

Im trying to build a smart IR Repeater. I have had a lot of success intercepting buttons on my sony remote and exchanging them for calls to my AV Unit.

The one big problem I have is my set-top box. It uses a IR Codes that is very difficult to decode and frankly I don't care, I just want to send the IR Codes that my sensor receives verbatim to my set-top box. I don't want to do fancy decoding with it.

I tried this setup:

Just replacing the regular LED with a IR LED but it didn't work. Am I being silly to expect it to work? What am I missing?

If the black thing is an IR decoder, that won't work. IR signals are typically a modulated stream of 38 kHz pulses.

Yeah, I just figured that out. The decoder does a demodulation of the 38 kHz signal so you just get highs and lows. So I will have to figure out how to pass the raw signal on using the IR Lib.

If you figure it out can you let me know pls.
I'm trying to achive similar thing.

See Any one of these parts is what you need to use for an application like this.

Read the datasheet for any of those parts. Take note of "Fig 1." which shows that the output pulses match exactly the input pulses. Inverted, but that's normal for an IR receiver.