IR Sensor

Hi guys,

I have this IR sensor,
and this IR LED,

However, I would like to convert the sensor to receive the remote control standard 38khz control signals.
What is the easiest way to set this up to work like the sparkfun transmitter and receiver modules?

Sorry to sound like a noob, but I don't have much experience with IR.


You basically can't do it for any where near as cheaply as buying a proper 38kHz IR detector module. They have a built in amplifier, AGC circuitry, and demodulator and probably other things I can't recall right now. It would take a pile of op-amps, comparators and passive parts to duplicate the functionality.

The sending side is allot easier, you just have to generate the 38kHz square wave for the carrier and modulate the LED by turning it on and off. This can be accomplished easily on the Arduino stuff as there is a library to do all the grunt work. Or you could build an external oscillator the runs at 38kHz and feed it to one input of an AND gate. The output of the AND gate would go to the transistor driving the LED. The other input of the AND gate would be used to modulate the LED.