IR sensors

Hi, bit new to Arduino, my first post here.
I have both Diecimila & BT modules working with various sensors with PDuino code & Max/MSP - lovely! :slight_smile:
However, I can attach two Sharp IR sensors to either board, but would like to add a third. If I do the input just oscillates across its range. First two work fine meanwhile.
Diecimila is external powered but BT is 2x1.5v batteries.

I’m sure that I have something missing, & have tried a few different resistors as directed by the tutorials but no luck.

Any ideas gratefully accepted

Macbookpro -OSX 10.4.11 Max/MSP 4.6.3

when you add the third one, is the infrared signal interacting with the others? Try covering up the sensors and seeing what happens.

No its not interference from the other sensors. Just to be sure I tried covering the first two,no change.

On reading back through the forums, I think this was the wrong place to ask this question, should have been in ‘hardware’.
There is a post there suggesting capacitors in the circuit.