IR Sensors

Hello community,
I have a problem with the communication between two arduinos through IR sensors.
in both arduinos I have two sensors one emitter and one receiver,
and I have to send a signal from Arduino A to arduino B, at first it works A sends and B receives, then B sends a signal back but A receives nothing,
after several tests I came to the conclusion that,
when the Arduino A sends a signal the receiver of the Arduino A stop working.
and this happens in the other arduino too
I use these libraries IRremote.h and IRremoteInt.h

Does anyone have a solution how to receive after sending ?

thank you

 #include <IRremote.h> 
 #include <IRremoteInt.h> 
 // int ledIR = 3;
  int PinIn = 4;
  int BPin = 2;
  int Data ;

IRsend isend;   
IRrecv ir_recebe(PinIn); 
decode_results codigo_recebido; 

  void setup() {      
 // pinMode(ledIR ,OUTPUT);

  void loop(){
Serial.print("\n-------------------------------------------------------- ");
int val = digitalRead(BPin);
if (val== HIGH){
Start ();}

void Start(){
  delay (50);
  isend.sendNEC(0xAF0A, 32);//
  Serial.print("\nEnvia Codigo");

void leData (){  
   Serial.print("\nFuncao Le data -> ");
     if (ir_recebe.decode(&codigo_recebido)) {
     if (codigo_recebido.value != 0 ){  
      Serial.print("\nValor lido -> ");      
      Serial.print(codigo_recebido.value, BIN);  
      Data = codigo_recebido.value; 

i found the solution, just need activate the Rx with this comand " ir_recebe.enableIRIn(); "

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