IR signal

I tried to recored ir red signal of my remote control with tk19 then i tried to recreate this signal with ir led ( yes, I made it to blink in 36Khz) but it doesn't work

I tried to blink led just at 36Khz, but it doesn't interfere the remote signal. the led looks purple trough a camera, so I really don't what worng..

use the following code:

void loop() {
  digitalWrite(6, HIGH);   // set the LED on
  delayMicroseconds(13);              // wait for a second
  digitalWrite(6, LOW);    // set the LED off
  delayMicroseconds(13);              // wait for a second

You haven't accounted for the overheads of using digitalWrite.

Also, you say 36kHz, but 1/26us is more like 38kHz (ignoring the additional delays of digitalWrite)

There is an excellent library by Ken Shirriff for all aspects of IR sending and receiving.

I used it for a universal remote (Project 28 in my book 30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius).

You can download the source for the project here:

Thanks, great library!