IR transmission

Hello everyone.

I saw some topics about sending/receiving IRs and tried to test it. Through pulseIn(), I successfully received the IRs, but the problem I'm having is to send them back. I don't know anything about how to do it. I'm using an QED234 for IR transmission, and my question is: how do I know what delayMicroseconds() I should use when "sending pulses".

Sorry if I said something wrong, I really need some clarification.

Thanks in advance.

I generally prefer to "get my hands dirty". I generally avoid libraries. But I have to "be weak" once in a while, and boy am I pleased I went the "library" route for communicating with IR signals.

I assume you are talking about using, or simulating, the everyday "domestic", much derided "remote control", latter word a noun, not verb, as in the one for changing the TV's channel?

If so, see....

(You don't need the specific sensor or shield mentioned there to benefit from the material in it.)

Thanks, tkbyd. I will try it.

That library is awesome, I've used it before. With one 38kHz IR Receiver Module, a resistor and an IR LED you can capture and send IR pulses in half an hour.

For how-to instructions on capturing pulses;

For how-to instructions on cleaning up IR pulses (if your protocol isn't recognized and you need to use raw pulses);

and for how-to instructions (and code you can download and modify to your needs) on sending IR pulses;