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Hi, I am new to the forum so I hope I have this in the right topic. I got kit back in July and have been playing around learning how to code and everything. I am currently trying to learn how to Send IR Signals. I have already got the Hex and address to power my tv on through my IR Receiver. How do I figure out the correct bit, so I can now transmit?

What code is it?

I don't know any other way to send the code besides writing it out. But this is the code I am using. It passes verification but when I upload it and press the button i doesn't turn the tv on. Serial monitor reads the button was pressed and data was sent, just nothing happens. I have a note next to the 'irsend.sendNEC' line, I have tried 8, 16, 32, and 36 bit values, still nothing works. Id really appreciate the help.

I mean the IR code you identified for activating your tv. What did the IR receiving code tell you?

It tells me "The function decode(&results) ) is derecated and may not work as expected! Just use decode() without a parameter and IrReceiver.decodeIRData.." Then it decodes the signal as NEC and gives me the Hex value. If it means anything the hex value is 8 digits long and is alphanumeric. The first 4 digits are '1CE3' followed by 3 digits that vary for each button, and concluded with and 'F'.

The code I used to get that is the "Mission 18 Remote IR Decode LED Brightness Control" code, I have it modified to also display on an LCD.

Then sendNEC() with 32 bits (8 hex digits) should work, unless the receiver told you something different.

For testing 2 Arduinos were fine. Then you can receive and report what the other Arduino effectively sends.

Ok, I put that in as "irsend.sendNEC(1CE348B7, 32);"
and it won't verify. It says, "Unable to find numeric literal operator 'operator ""CE348B7'

When I put the Hex value in as 0xE348B7 it accepts it though.

I just tried this with the Hex valve set as '0xE348B7' and 32 bits, my second arduino didn't receive anything.
I also just tries '0x' as a prefix to the 8 digit hex valve, still nothing received.

Just for the record, could it be how it's wired? I know my button is wired right cause it does whats it's supposed to, serial monitor proves that. The Infrared Diode is hooked up as follows: Diode positive to my Digital Pin 3 and the Diode negative runs to the ground via a 4.7K resistor.

That's 0x1CE348B7 in C.

I tried that too.

I just noticed something after compiling I expanded the error box to check for warnings and I found this.

"Warning: 'void IRsend::sendNEC(uint32_t, uint8_t)' is deprecated: This old function sends MSB first! Please use sendNEC( aAddress, aCommand, a NumberOfRepeats). [-Wdeprecated-declarations]"

Could that be the issue?

I got it, I ran a different receiver decoding code and got a completely different set of information. I got the Address, Command, Hex, and repeat gaus number. I then plugged that into a slightly modified code and now the IR is turning on my tv.

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