IR Transmitter - Power consumption


I like to start my first arduino project and breaking my head with maybe a stupid question. Hope someone can give me the right hint.

The goal is to build a simple IR-Remote transmitter with 3 buttons and a rotary pulse encoder for volume up and down. The basic steps to read the inputs and send IR signals seems to be clear for this stage.

As the transmitter has to be powered by Batteries i don't like to run the processor the complete time to catch input of the rotary pulse encoder (99,99% of the time a remote control is not in use as your TV control).

Maybe I need a power button, but to be honest i will forget to shutdown the device again and than the Batteries will be every time empty when i need the device.

does the explanation make sense to you?

Any ideas?


Take a look at this tutorial about Arduino in Sleep mode.

Set it up so any button wakes it up (or powers it on) and after some short period (several minutes? or ? ) of inactivity, it puts itself back to sleep (or powers off again) implementing an "auto off" feature.

Thanks, I will try it like this... On any Input it will wake up and stays awake for a minute to be ready for the next interaction and if there will be no inout during the time it goes down again.

if I had this implemented i will share the code and experiences with it again.

Thanks for your support!