IR trip alert system help

Hello my Name is Andrea and I live in the country with my son. I want to know when someone is turning into my drive way using IR receiver and transmitor that rings an alert in my room then look at my pc that I have used cat 5 to extend the wire of a web cam so It reaches to the end of driveway so i can see who. I have very little coding experiance but I do have the basics down. I want one made very soon and am willing to give for one to write the code for my project and some assistance on the hardware set up and design to be durable and not fall apart all the time.

It looks like you want a sensor at the end of the driveway to be used to sound an alarm at the house. Once the alarm is heard, you will then go to the PC and look at the video. The alert system is not connected to the PC.

If this is correct, you have a fairly basic program and hardware. You have a number of options that depend on the distance and power source.

Use an Arduino to control the sensor and use wireless back to the house with remote power (solar).
Run a cable for power and signal from house to Arduino.

More information required for more suggestions.


The IP camera might already have build-in zone alarms.
That could send an alert to your phone, or to something else.
The model of the camera might help.

Camera software also does zone detection.
Smart software eleminates birds, moving trees, etc.

I have the IR sensors and I want to use wires to connect everything, I was going to just cut the web camera wire and extend it to my house, using wireless and a solar panel is above my knowledge, if you are willing to walk me through that process of wireless and what i need to buy then I will and IP cams are a bit pricey and I will probably need range extenders to reach my wifi, I just want this up soon and I do not want it to technical I just need it up and once it is up then I can take the time to upgrade it. Like I said I will pay for in depth step by step instructions and a finished code. But we must think of away to do that so both parties know with out a doubt it is all on the up and up if any one takes me up on the offer. I wil check back later today for replies I hope I find a experanced and trustworthy fellow Arduinoer, I have alot of Arduino supplies and an Arduino mega. Thank You guys.

Please tell me exact info that is needed so we can further this,

Please give more info on the camera and software as requested by Wawa.

What distance cabling is required?

Assuming it is only a short domestic driveway, the project is not difficult.

You can use a sensor of this style.

It simply needs to have a reflector fitted on the other side of the driveway.

The program would simply need to monitor a change of level from the sensor and sound the alarm.