IR TV project with arduino?


I am a PC programmer and I would like to learn more about microcontroller and electronic.

More people told me that the way to start is to have a project that we like and to try it.

My question is, do you think arduino is the good microcontroller to start my project?

I would like to setup a mini-automatic-tv-channel changer! I would like to record time->channel and would like the microcontroller to send IR to the TV to change channel when needed.

What I will need is something to record IR byte from the TV controlle and something to send it back to the television when needed.

Doesn’t seem too complicated. Do you think I can do the job with arduino?

Do you think I can do the job with arduino?

If I understand your description correctly it certainly seems feasible to achieve with the Arduino.

The usual recommendation around here is to split your project into “pieces” and work on implementing one piece at a time.



Your idea sounds very doable with the Arduino and it should be an interesting project.

You should find examples on this forum and the Playground for

  • recording IR commands from TV remotes
  • IR transmitters already configured to send Sony and NEC commands
  • software solution for real time clock
  • hardware solutions for real time clocks

Good luck with your project.

Thank for your advices.

I will split the project in steps than I’ll post here. I might need you to understand what part to get (I have nothing here, no wire, no controller, nothing tools ).

I’ll post back.