IR value reading problem

I want to make a shooting game, the victim has an IR receiver, he receives two values, one is get ready to be shot, the other is to get shot. So here i need to send out two values. The ready value is sent by an IR emitter controlled by the processing sketch, because i want to relate to music playing. The shooting value is sent by a remote controller.

I use an IR library Now i have problem: if the ready value is still sending, the receiver cannot read the second value. i wrote down everything, code and video in my blog:

Your problem is that you are blinding the receiver with your "get ready" signal. You could consider the receiver to send a confirmation signal as answer to a received "get ready" signal. That confirmation would then result in stopping the "get ready" signal source. This way no competing IR signals would be left for the "shot" signal to arrive.

This would get you in trouble if you have multiple targets that are not set ready at the same time.

An other way to solve this, is to (relatively slow) pulse the "get ready" signal, and have the shot signal send some continuous signal. The "get ready" signal would be killed by the "shot" signal, but that "shot" signal will get through the "holes" in the "get ready" signal, if these "holes" are large enough. Doing this is also easier and cheaper because you don't need to use another transmitter and receiver. Sending the "shot" signal by a tv like remote control signal (which is a modulated signal) has the advantage that you could use multiple shooters that can be recognised because they would send different signals.

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