IR, Visual Light & UV sensors

Hello all,

I would appreciate some guidance with measuring IR, visual light and UV. This is definitely not my area of expertise :cold_sweat: so help is very welcome.

I want to obtain as much information as possible about what the different types/levels/frequencies of light that is falling on a cage, near the equator in Brazil, during the day. The aim is to use artificial lighting to supplement the optimum lighting conditions on days that are not so sunny, and hopefully in the long run replicate it indoors. :slight_smile:

For now I am just interested in the data. I have very basic coding abilities and would consider myself a fairly basic Arduino user. However with a bit of persistence and utilising pre-available code I can already measure temperature, moisture and humidity and control with fans, sprinklers etc. Light I feel is another level though!

I have done as much background checking on sensors as I can and would like your recommendation and suggestion please. I much prefer sensors on breakout boards as I am far more comfortable with them, and they have good example codes already written. This is what I have found so far.

Visual Light

TSL45315 (watterott) – 220k lux max
TSL2591 (adafruit) – 88k lux max (also IR)
BH1750 (dfrobot) – 60k lux max - it seems possible to tweak it up to 100k but I am not sure how & there seems to be cheaper versions available also)

I need to consider that the days will often be very bright so I need a sensor with about 60k+ abilities. I have the adafruit TSL2561 but it β€˜maxes’ out too easily!


Si1145 (adafruit) – can also measure IR and viable light but they recommend the TSL range for precisest measurments
ML8511 (sparkfun)
GUVA-S12SD (adafruit) – analogue with no code written


TSL2591 (as mentioned above)
Infrared photo transistor/sensor (like in a IR receiver – can someone please recommend a good/cheap one)

I am also looking at measuring the colour (RGB TCS34725 adafruit) and the frequency (TSL230R, TSL235R both taos). I am not really sure what these last two will give me (aka I will not know what the results stand for :().

I look forward to your responses all help is very welcome

Thank you