iRobot Create Command Module > Arduino bootloader?

Has anyone had any experience attempting to burn the Arduino bootloader into one of these babies? This green block attaches onto the iRobot Create, which is a stripped-down, vacuum-less development platform of the Roomba.

It's also basically an Atmega168 chip onboard, but it's digital/analog mappings seem quite different from what I'm used to seeing on Arduino-specific boards. It also does not appear to have any ICSP headers readily visible; here's a picture on Flickr that shows the innards:

A further look into the manual ( reveals that the bootloader loads programs using avrdude and the STK500 protocol, which I think is pretty much the same as the arduino.

That said, is it possible to make a backup of the original bootloader using my avrisp mkII? Does that mean that if I screw up the attempt to burn an Arduino bootloader (if even possible since there's no ICSP pins) I can always revert back to the backed up bootloader? I'm pretty new to bootloaders and some help will be greatly appreciated.

I'm thinking it certainly can be done, but figure that hooking up my own arduino board's inputs to the DB25 connector (that has all the good stuff from the Create's sensors) and the serial port connector will do the trick for me. Wondering if anyone out here has attempted this hack, and if it's worth the effort.

I would also like to know the same thing...

Anybody know of any updates in this area?