iRobot - Dual mode virtual wall - halo mode


I searched for solutions to build a virtual wall (like to directly connect it with a USB power adaptor) and found much, but nothing about the new dual mode virtual wall with halo.

Das anybody know if the halo mode simply has a different frqeuency or something special has to be done to get it? Need it for my cats bowls.

And a happy new year 2020!

Cheers, Nils

Who or what is suppoded to see that wall? Romba, selfmovung Hoovers, uded virtual fences....

iRobot Roomba 980. But not a fence I need the halo function of the dual mode fence.

halo function of the dual mode fence.

Sorry, I simply don't speak that langugage, just don't understand what it would be. Hopefully some other helper does.

Supports two modes: barrier and halo. Halo is support by newer Roombas only. So if you do not know and understand what I wrote somebody else could help.

I had Romba, probably some 10 years ago. After splitting and cleaning the gearbox from hair and dust the second time screws were not biting anymore and the still running puck was sent into the large circulation. No, Halo is new to me.