Ironman suit with full color LEDs and music play

We threw together a suit, starting only two weeks before halloween.

Included are some rough videos.

What was kinda cool was the custom made plug in for the 12v lithium icon power pack .. plugs right into the chest and runs the suit for hours .. we had three of them to power for six hours. Made the plug socket using sculpey clay and rubber and some chopped up metal brackets to provide power connectors between batteries and the system. I then did the rediculous path of running to a 12v power converter .. converted to AC and then plugged in a 5v AC to DC converter. I did this because I did not like how hot the 12v made the ardiuno.

The suit has 28 RGB lights (the bliptronic type) and the related spectrum analyzer chip (not the shield here, just the chip and our own board). Also is a radio shack microphone setup with built in EQ .. which worked great for picking up music on location.

I hacked into a white LED light with a capcitive touch switch and used the one/off switch to also control the suits eye lights by routing power via a USB cable (so it could disconnect). The white lights were all powered by the 5v source, not the built in batteries.

Here is the suit being powered up by the 12v lithium icon battery.

Here are some videos of it out on halloween eve night parties.


To think Iron Man went through all that to make his own power source when all he had to do was run down to Sears. Guess when your dad was a defense contractor .. you have to make the 2 million dollar battery instead :)