IRremote and NewSoftSerial trouble

I have a project in which I am using both IRremote library and NewSoftSerial. It appears that these two libraries have a little trouble working together and I don't know why. Yesterday when I was testing the whole thing there were no problems. Serial communication using newsoftserial worked and I could receive IR remote signals. Later I added a few things to my code and changed some things... and the thing started making problems. I don't have any idea what is wrong but I can't receive any IR codes anymore. A few moments after I restart arduino I still get them but after that no more IR codes are received. If I pull out serial lines and restart arduino I can again receive IR codes. Here is a complete code if anyone has any idea:

Here is a link to the IRremote library:

both of them blocks while reading data I guess. So if one reads the other can't resulting in missing data.

I don't think that that is the case here. Because it was working before I started adding things. Probably I did something somewhere...

Got it! The problem is with the tone function. If I use it and NewSoftserial and IRremote all together the IRremote library stops working. But if I comment out any references to tone() in my code the whole thing starts to work. I can now use IRremote and NewSoftSerial. I am still not happy because I need a way to generate sound at some points but at least it is not as important.