IRRemote How To Restore pwm on pin 3 and disable ir send

Im making project and i need all pwm pins my irreciever is on pin 2 . How to disable irSend and Reenable pin 3 pwm Output ? Im using IRRemote lib.

If you want to use IR and PWM you're out of luck. They both need timer2 to work. In theory it would be possible to switch between PWM and IR during run-time (but again, not using it at the same time) but I don't think the library supports it. Nor do I think that's ever practical.

Thanks for replying. I give up on trying but i have another question it is possible to putdown arduino to sleep and wake up with ir remote like TV ?

Is the device really battery powered? Otherwise no real need to put it to sleep, just don't do anything.

If it's battery powered it should be possible to also use the pin change interrupt on pin 2 to wake the Arduino.