IRremote IRsendRawDemo send code but can't recieved the same

I’m recently working on a home automation of the important part is learn and store IR codes and re-send them as needed,e.g impl a thermostat or something.

my IR circuit diagram(see in attachment)

action taken:
1.record a code(power on) from fan remote controller by using IRrecvDumpV2 demo ,
unsigned int rawData[23] = {1250,400, 1250,450, 350,1300, 1200,450, 1200,450, 400,1250, 400,1250, 400,1300, 350,1300, 400,1250, 1200,450, 400}; // UNKNOWN 143226DB

2.send the rawData;

#include <IRremote.h>

IRsend irsend;

void setup()


void loop() {
int khz = 38; // 38kHz carrier frequency
unsigned int irSignal[23] = {1250,450, 1200,450, 350,1300, 1200,450, 1200,450, 400,1250, 400,1300, 350,1300, 350,1300, 400,1250, 1200,450, 400}; // UNKNOWN 143226DB

irsend.sendRaw(irSignal, 23, khz); //Note the approach used to automatically calculate the size of the array.

delay(2000); //In this example, the signal will be repeated every 5 seconds, approximately.

3.from camera,I can see the light from the IR LED,pretty strong,just look the same from fan’s remote controller.

4.try to aim IR LED at fan,nothing happened…

I think that signal from my arduino drive IR LED were not correct,I don’t know which part went wrong ,my goal is implement a universal remote controller, receive IR signal,store it(without decode),and plays it back,I worked on it for couple of days without any success, pls help me out, or some guides to impl a universal remote controller will helpful,thank you!

IR circuit.jpg

If you have it hooked up like your picture it will never flash the led.

If you have it hooked up like your picture it will never flash the led.

you’re right,the polarity of LED was wrong in this picture,I connect it in the right way actually(as mentioned,
I can see lights by camera from the LED when sending data),thank you!