IRremote library


i wanted to do some cool stuff with my tv remote control,so i added IRremote lib . but it gives an error while compiling.can anybody guide me how to fix this.

thanks have a great day

Hi, Without any information on what the error is, no noone can help you, however with a little information like the actual error cut and paste from the compiler, the people around here are generally very helpful.

Over to you...

Duane B

hey sorry for the delay,here some information. the color of the IRremote lib doesn't turn orange.where the other lib I include has an orange color in it,and when i hit upload it says Error compiling.i compile all the examples but it says the same.

good day

Are you using Arduino 1.0 , if so I recently saw some threads about older libraries not compiling.

This is one example and includes the fix -

Duane B

thanks right on target,that was really helpful

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