IRremote: Remove Pin 3 for Transmit to Allow PWM from Pin 3

I'm using the IRremote library to read from an IR sensor to remote control something. I need all of my PWM pins. I don't care about transmitting IR codes back out. Unfortunately IRremote uses Pin 3 for its transmit portion...I don't need it. Can anyone please tell me how I can restore functioning of my PWM on Pin 3 and still allow input of my IR sensor to Pin 2? :( Been modifying the library for hours trying to figure it out but I can't.

I am almost certain a soluton was posted on the IRremote forum, but as its huge it will need a search.

you could try the following & make sure you set up your PWM parameters after the all the setup for IRremote in your own code to avoid conflict

search for following in IRremoteint.h in the Irremote directory (....untested)


and change to //#define TIMER_ENABLE_PWM (TCCR2A |= _BV(COM2B1)) //this line temporarily commented out

define TIMER_ENABLE_PWM true

if this doesnt the site as above.

PS dont forget to change it back when finished