IRRemote to control DC motor - only works once

Hi. Trying to build a small car, controlled by a remote and IRRemote.h.
It works fine the first run. This means that the car waits for me to press the OnOff button and it then turns on the ActiveLed and the motors. No problem so far.
The idea was to make it stop on any keypress on the remote. This does not work. Motors just keep running no matter what I press. Please see the code in attachment.
Any suggestions??


have you tested that you can receive data reliably from irrecv.decode()?

why the "!Running" loop? why not test if anything is available from irrecv.decode() and process it with a switch statement. you can keep track of the motor state is turn it on off depending on state (i.e Running)

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A screenshot of only part of the code is useless and annoying.