Irrigation system using nothing but the power of the gravity

How you guys doing?
I made a topic about 4 days ago asking about an irrigation system using gravity so here I am again.
I have this system that I'm trying to set up but I have came across a challenge that I'm not beeing able to solve by myself.

Basically I'll have a bottle high up and the container will be at the bottom. At the image above you can see that I'm using a small bottle to feed the container with water that goes through a small tube.
I have tried using rubber, pieces of cork, tapes, and a lot of material but unfurtonately I'm not able to close the flux of water. You may ask: How are you trying to close the flux of water? I'm using a servomotor to rotate 90ยบ to close the flux of water but it doesn't have enough tork to apply the necessary force to close the flux of water and eventually there is water leaking.

Since I'm a college student every penny to me is a fortune. I have bought a starter kit that comes with a lot of material. I'm trying to create this system using only what I have in hands. If you are interested here is the list of material that came with the kit:

I thought about using a solenoid pump as suggested by members of this forum but I don't have the money right now.

My problem here is: How do I close the flux of water? How to completely cut out the flux?

If you have other idea in mind to close the flux without the servomotor it's more than welcome.

I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to help me out.

ERV? (Electronic radiator valve)

ERV? (Electronic radiator valve)

I was trying to have a system using only what I have in hands. Do you have any thoughts on that?

You can try to make a manual valve and use your servo to open close the valve. This if you can make the valve with avalable material.

The other thing you could do , use your servo as an axis , put the bottle in NOrtheast position oriented filled with water, you control the tilt of the botle with servo when it's tilted it will provide water, when return to almost vertical position , there's no water running in the tube. Your kit also have a tilt sensor you can use that along with the servo so be more precise.

You have to have just a litle very small hole in the tip of your irrigation system, to prevent more water to come down when you are returning to the default position of the bottle. Because when bottle is full just a litle tilt is enought but when its going empty you need more tilt.

How are you going to measure that ? You cand use TIME , like this : you test 4 times how many seconds of tilting takes to lose 100 ml of water , make average of that time. If bottle has 1Liter Start counting down 10 times you can tilt.

Of course its not going ot be precise. but it works , nad if it works it ain't stupid as the internet says x)

Could you use the servo to push something into the nozzle? Maybe a thin steel wire, with a small rubber washer on it, and a steel washer under that. It spoils the normal flow out of the nozzle, sorry. What if you put a steel or plastic ball in the nozzle, does the flow stop? Now use the servo to push a wire up the nozzle and lift the ball. If you make the wire U shaped it's easier to keep the water off the servo.

sandorrrh and RichardDL nice idea both of you. I'm more inclined to test out the wire up the hose to close the flow. If that doesn't work I'll sure give it a try to tilt a container with water to fill the bottle. Thank you both for the ideas. When project is finished I'll post it here for your pleasure ahahaha

You can use the servo to bend e.g. a rubber valve, not to compress it. At some bending angle the water flow will stop. Eventually you may want to use a geared DC motor instead of the servo, for more torque.

The bottle shown is probably not ideal but the idea is to get a marble or steel ball and epoxy/drill attach a wire or small diameter stiff rod. Choose the ball diameter so that it forms a reasonable seal against the outlet of the vessel. Put the ball inside the vessel, with the servo on top and the wire or rod sticking out the top. Attach the wire to the servo making the necessary adjustments. Use a stiff rod if the weight of the ball alone on the outlet is insufficient to stop the flow. With a stiff rod you should be able to apply some force to the ball to improve the seal.

Have a look into making your own non return valve, check valve or ball valve.