irrigation system with conveyor belt


I would like to build an irrigation system which uses a conveyor belt to water a plant from a water storage.
The first thing I want to build is the conveyor belt that should be powered by the same source as my arduino board, three serially connected AA batteries. The first problem is to find an appropriate motor. It should turn around at about 5 rps. Then I need to find a complement to the motor and a rubber band to span across. The rubberband should be about 3cm wide.
Can you help me to find the appropriate components? All in all it should cost less than 20 bucks.


A conveyor belt sounds like an unusual way to move water. Have you thought about using an Archimedes Screw instead? They are robust, efficient and easy to make. At its simplest you could just wind plastic tubing round a rotating shaft. If you Google "archimedes screw" you will see lots of images.![]( screw 2.gif)Y

The archimedes screw looks like a good alternative. With this I could use a motor spinning quickly with a small tube and it would still look cool. I just thought it would be funny with a conveyor belt and some mini buckets attached on top of it. I thought of expanding it after having a working prototype and build something looking like a sptinning wooden windmill or a water wheel near the plant to hide the motor. Though this can be attached to the archimedes screw as well.

Thank you for sharing your idea.