is 0.6 mm thick jumper enough for 24VDC/4Amp current load?

is 0.6 mm thick jumper cable enough for 24VDC/4Amp current load?

What is the length?

You certainly don't want to put that much current through breadboard connectors. 500 mA is probably OK for breadboards, but much more and you will burn it.

0.6mm diameter? Including insulation or just copper? Single strand or multistrand?

Basically you start by find the cross-section area of copper and look up the current handling on line!

i have my motor and h bridge which need 4Amps to make the primary test as well as prototyping. my breadboard can take upto 5Amps. so i am confused about the the jumper cable to make the connections. Again is 0.6mm diameter cable enough or not to pass this 4amps current or not? i dont know


24 gauge, max 3.5 amps/chassis or ~ .6 amps/transmission.

thanks for the list.. :)